The user panel allows you to add and edit users. It can also show you an overview of applications that are available to the users.

Admin users can create, delete and edit other users. Normal users can log in to change their password and email address, and see to which applications they have access.


At the moment installation should be done following the single-sign-on installation instructions which include installation of this user panel.

In the future, this application will be installable with its own helm chart.


When you first go to the application URL, you will see a “Login” button. This button redirects to you the login screen. On the login screen, you can find another button that will redirect you to your single sign-on’s login process. Log in by entering your credentials there.

After logging in there are three tabs on top of the screen.

The first is the “Home” screen. You’ll automatically be on it too: you’ll see all the applications that are also configured in the single sign-on.

The second tab, “OIDC”, shows debug information about your user.

The last tab, “Users” is where you can create and edit users.

Creating a new user

  1. Navigate to the “Users” tab.

  2. Click “Add user”

  3. Enter a username and click “Submit”. Note that your user is not saved yet!

  4. Enter a password and a valid email address and click “Save”

  5. You have now created a user. For the user to be able to log into applications, you still need to click “Add app” and type the name of the application the user is allowed to use. Take a look at your admin user to see the list of possible applications. After typing the name of the application, click “Save”.