Core applications

These applications are available after the installation is completed successfully:


The Dashboard is an application developed specifically for Stackspin. It allows you to manage Stackspin’s central user database. Soon, the dashboard will also allow you to configure, install and remove applications and set access rights for users.

Administrators can read how to use the Dashboard in Manage Stackspin


Grafana is a dashboard application that shows you information about the status of your cluster collected by Prometheus.

Single sign-on users

Users that have the “Admin” label turned on in the user panel, will have admin rights in Grafana. Other users are able to see graphs, but can not change anything.

Optional applications


Nextcloud is a file sharing and communication platform. These Nectcloud apps can be accessed from the top navigation bar:

Files & synchronization

You can access your files with the Nextcloud Web interface and create, preview, edit, delete, share, and re-share files. See the Files & synchronization user manual for general usage and Desktop and mobile synchronization for setting up file sync on your mobile or dektop device.


The Nextcloud Calendar app works similar to other calendar applications you can sync your Nextcloud calendars and events with. Follow the Calendar user manual for general usage and the Nextcloud groupware docs <> for syncing your calendars with your mobile or desktop devices.


A simple, yet feature rich password manager for Nextcloud. See Passwors user handbook for more details, including using the Browser extenstions.

These are the mobile apps that you can use to access your passwords from your smartphone:

You’ll find how to configure file or calendar sync with your smartphone or desktop in the Nextcloud Groupware documentation.


Onlyoffice is an online document editing suite. Your can open documents in Onlyoffice by clicking them in Nextcloud. You can open new documents by clicking the “Plus” button in Nextcloud and selecting Document, Spreadsheet or Presentation.


Zulip is a team chat application.

Unfortunately, Zulip does not yet listen to the Stackspin roles, so once you have installed Zulip, you need to make one of your users the owner. That allows this user to manage Zulip’s settings from inside the application. This owner can also edit other users’ roles.

For this, you have to replace <your email> in the the following command and run it on your cluster:

` kubectl exec -n stackspin-apps zulip-0 -c zulip -- sudo -u zulip /home/zulip/deployments/current/ change_user_role <your email> owner --realm 2 `


Wekan is a Kanban board application.


WordPress is a website content management system.

Known issues

If you want admin privileges inside WordPress, you need to set this in the Dashboard. Then, you need to log in to WordPress again.

If this is your first time logging in to WordPress, you have to log out and in again for your admin privileges to be applied.

For more information and technical details, refer to the issue in our issue tracker.